Skilled Nursing Care

The Pavilion Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is here when you or your loved one's healthcare needs require more extensive skilled care or rehabilitation therapies. Upon admission each resident receives a comprehensive assessment to determine their individual needs. Our multidisciplinary team which includes licensed nurses, therapists, social workers and dietitians will then create a specialized care plan to help that resident regain their optimal level of functioning while remaining in our supportive environment.

Specialized skilled nursing and rehabilitation programs

The Pavilion is thrilled to have Dr. Paul Bizinkauskas as their Medical Director. Dr. Bizinkauskas graduated from Boston University School of Medicine where he received the Dr. Henry J. Bakast Award in Community Medicine and completed his residency at University of MA Medical Center in Worcester. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing on Cape Cod since 1996.

Dr. Bizinkauskas is leading the medical team at The Pavilion, which includes Dr. Sean Horrigan, Dr. Ramon Espinosa, Dr. Rosa Moncholi, Dr. Henry Tufts, Dr. Paul Cochrane, Karen Messier, NP and Shannon List, Cardiac NP.

The Pavilion's nursing and rehabilitation team is working with Dr. Bizinkauskas and his medical team in re-defining rehabilitation and skilled nursing care in the mid-Cape area and how to specifically better serve those individuals requiring short or long-term care after an acute stay at the hospital as well as those individuals needing care that are being admitted directly from their home or an assisted living center.

Rehabilitation Therapies

The Pavilion offers a diverse team of therapists and doctors who offer our residents some of the most progressive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy programs in the area. Our state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Department uses advanced techniques and equipment which improves patient outcomes resulting in earlier discharges to home. All of the rehabilitation programs we offer are carefully designed to assist patients in regaining their optimal functionality and independence. Our occupational therapists focus on balance and upper body strengthening - necessary skills for daily living. Our physical therapists focus on lower body strengthening, gait training, transfer abilities, and assistive device usage. Speech therapists focus on managing swallowing deficits, developing problem solving abilities, and improving speech and language skills. Together, their goal is to provide each resident with the opportunity to overcome barriers and re-master lost functional skills due to limitations caused by illness or age.

Respite Care

There are several reasons to take advantage of respite care services from Pavilion Nursing and Rehab Center:

  • You are a senior recovering from a hospital or nursing home stay and need some extra help to ease into the transition to returning home
  • You are a senior thinking about moving into Pavilion Rehab & Nursing Center and want to fully experience the Pavilion lifestyle before making a final decision
  • You are a caregiver going on vacation or just needing a break to meet the demands of life

Residents who come for respite care enjoy all the amenities provided for our full-time residents, including:

  • Nursing observation
  • Daily assistance
  • Three meals and three snacks daily
  • Medication management
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Rehab services, if necessary
  • Planned social events

Specialized Programs

The Pavilion also offers an array of specialized programs to help those with specific or critical needs.

Specialized skilled nursing and rehabilitation programs

Cardiac Program

Our cardiac program is for those patients who have had bypass surgery or have suffered a heart attack. This program actively monitor's patient's progress while strengthening and reconditioning the heart back to health.

Orthopedic Program

The Pavilion has an outstanding orthopedic program which assists patients with a variety of trauma-type injuries, degenerative arthritis, joint replacement and orthopedic fractures.

Pulmonary Program

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program helps patients with chronic pulmonary or breathing problems, such as COPD (Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease), emphysema or asthma. Our multidisciplinary approach combines respiratory therapy, occupational & physical therapy along with nursing care.

Wound Care Program

The Wound Care program at the Pavilion offers the following specialized features:

  • Collaboration with a board certified wound care physician
  • State-of-the-art rehabilitation and equipment
  • Treatment procedures featuring nutrition interventions, wound vac treatment
  • Wound-trained interdisciplinary team
  • Individualized wound care treatment plan

Diabetic Management Program

The Diabetic Management program at the Pavilion offers the following specialized features:

  • Treatment procedures featuring nutrition interventions and education
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring with medication management to assist in controlling Blood Sugars
  • Education for Blood Glucose Management, Diabetic appropriate diets and the Diabetic Disease Process
  • Rehabilitative Programming in support healthier living with the disease process

Rehabilitation and
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