Landmark Hosts The Legislative Breakfast

The Pavilion Rehabilitation and Nursing Center hosted State Representative William Crocker for

a Legislative Breakfast on Friday, March 15, 2019. The Legislative Breakfast event was attended

by staff, residents, and family members to discuss state funding for quality nursing home care.

“There is a crisis among long term care providers as nearly 70% of residents rely on MassHealth

to pay for their care. It’s becoming more difficult to retain and recruit the staff we need to

provide quality care to older adults and people with disabilities in our community. We need the

state to provide investments in quality nursing home care.” said Mary Benoit, Administrator at

The Pavilion Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

Issue Summary: Massachusetts nursing facilities provide core state service to individuals who

can no longer live safely in the community. However, the Commonwealth’s nursing facilities

are facing an unprecedented financial and workforce crisis that requires urgent attention and

action of our lawmakers during the budget setting process. Currently Massachusetts

reimbursement rates are based on 2007 costs, which results in Medicaid funding $38 below the

average daily cost of care. This has led to a staggering $362 million funding gap statewide, or

$900,000 for each facility. With over 77,000 employees caring for 150,000 residents annually,

our united voice during the budget process can be an effective one to help us close this

staggering Medicaid funding gap.

Contact: Mary E. Benoit, Administrator

The Pavilion Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

876 Falmouth Road

Hyannis, MA 02601